Jordan 2014

Day 1- Documents and Powerpoints

Here are the PowerPoint presentations and documents from the training at University of Jordan, Day 1!

Advisor Contact Information

Introduction to Arbitration

CISG Overview


Vis Moot Introduction

Issue Heading- Draft

Incoterms 2010- Summary


Day 2- Documents

Here are the documents and presentations we studied today during the training!

Outline DAH updated

CISG Issues- 2014 Vis Problem, Arbitration Class

Timeline of Events (Jordan)


Essential Booklist: 2014 Condensed Booklist


Working Draft from Jordan Training

Friends, here is a cleaned-up version of our working draft outline of the Claimant issues. It contains some (but not all) of the argument language we worked on during the final session. Please use this as a guide as you continue the writing process. Good luck on the Claimant memos!

Additionally, please check the General Materials section for a suggested schedule of draft submissions. Following this schedule will ensure that you have time to produce several drafts before the final draft is due on December 11.

I will soon post a document of writing tips and suggestions, along with the IRAC formula we worked through during the final session.

Thank you for all of your hard work, and we cannot wait to see you all again in March for the Pre Moot!!

Oct 16 Vis Training Outline


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