Research Assignments 10/16

  1. Can the Claimant request evidence from a third party to litigate?
  2. Research Art. 79 of CISG
  3. What is the basis for determining damages under the common law, and how does it compare to the damages sought in this case?
  4. Under Art. 74 CISG, can a buyer use as damages profits gained by the other party?
  5. Research the principle of disgorgement.
  6. Can you get damages for breach of an arbitration agreement?
  7. Can you in arbitration request as damages attorney fees from prior litigation?
  8. Does a framework agreement create obligations that if not performed constitute a breach of contract?
  9. Has there been an automatic breach because the seller refuses to ship the bottles? Or, is there a new offer and a new acceptance every year?
  10. Select an argument heading a write one paragraph of argument, and send it to Janet ( in the morning.

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